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When choosing a Complementary Medicine Clinic, you want to make sure you choose someone you can fully trust to answer all your questions and concerns. We offer you easy-to-understand guides on the most common questions we receive from our patients. Check them out below.

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Where can I find the MIR® Center closest to me?

The MIR® Centers are in Rome, Milan, Naples and many other locations are in the planning phase.

Contact us so we can direct you to the MIR® Professional closest to you

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What if I needed support?

The MIR® protocol requires the couple to be accompanied throughout all the steps by our MIR® professionals, who will have maximum support available for every phase of the process, and even after.

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Why become a MIR® Center?

All the facilities and professionals who join our network will have the most modern reproductive assistance protocols at their disposal, will have the opportunity to welcome patients in their area who require our support and will be able to benefit from all the discounts regarding Genetic Analysis and much more dedicated to the MIR® Centers.

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