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​​IUI (intrauterine insemination) consists of a minimally invasive, painless technique and consists of injecting the seminal fluid of your partner (homologous) or donor (and terologist) , previously treated in the laboratory, directly into the patient's uterus, facilitating the meeting between sperm and oocyte.

European Parliament

1. In Italy

​​It is estimated that in Italy almost 80,000 couples turn to PMA techniques (medically assisted procreation techniques) with a birth rate of 25-30%. % approximately ( Report to the Italian Parliament on PMA 2020 based on data acquired in 2018) with a considerable financial commitment in light of the fact that an insemination cycle has an average cost of 1500 Euros.

2. The Causes

Unfortunately, the current reality regarding births in our country describes a demographic crisis where, based on demographic data, we have gone from500,000 births in 2008 to 400,000 in 2021 and without listing all the possible reasons for this progressive decrease, I would specify some to be considered, without a doubt, as among the most decisive and specifically mainly two:

  1. Environmental pollution where we are working and publishing scientific articles in collaboration with the ISS and the Ministry of Health through the Ecofoodfertility project (see website)

  2. Lifestyle from a nutritional point of view

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3. The Solution

This socio-cultural reality pushed us to propose an approachOneHealth and therefore with a visionholistic based on a healthcare model of diagnostic-therapeutic approach which is based on the integration of different disciplines, i.e. what is described inMIR protocol®, which has as its primary aim that of increasing the percentage of births "Natural", through the improvement of the metabolic picture of patients through an "STailor-made system”.

A further significant fact to consider is that the clinical-metabolic improvement obtained through the method not only increases the percentage of "natural" births butit increases births in percentage if the couple nevertheless accesses first level PMA techniques.

4. PMA MIR Centre®

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